Garth Barnes

Executive Producer

Whilst known to take the occasional stab at composition, Garth is more comfortable in front of an excel spreadsheet figuring out how to get YOU the most value for your budget! Be it a Voice over, Final Mix, Composition or anything else audio related, this is the man to speak to, to make your money go the extra mile. No matter what the job, we’ll figure out a way to get it done. Done well, and done on time!

Admin and invoices aside, Garth is passionate about music like everyone else at Tigerfight and has composed music for Clients such as Cell-C, ABSA, BMW and Fedhealth.

Kyle Mitas

Composer | Engineer

Kyle Mitas is a natural pianist with an affinity to play anything from smooth seductive jazz to pulsating electronic music. He has an ear for perfection and the ability to take his talents across many genres of music.

Although new to the industry, he has taken the core concepts of his trade and adopted it into his production in order to achieve a unique sound in his creations.


Chris Laco

Lead Composer | Engineer

Chris is an accomplished composer and record producer who has worked with numerous brands such as ABSA, Cell C, Pepsi and KFC. He is always thinking about where music is heading and how he can give you the best possible product suited to your needs. Audio post-production is both a fixation and a forte. From scoring to sound design, he has a deep love for making pictures talk.

To Chris, quality is of the utmost importance, always nitpicking, fine-tuning and making sure that his delivery is above standard.